Work-Life Balance for Franchisees

Work-Life Balance for Franchisees

What is the state of American workers? According to a plethora of business articles, it’s not good. New mobile electronics -phone, iPads, laptops, tablets- allow us to take our work with us everywhere we go. It’s not just a matter of working until the end of the work day, for many the work day never ends. That explains why work-life balance is such a hot topic.

According to an article in titled Is Work-Life Balance Even Possible?“the United States ranks 30th out of 38 countries who have positive work-life balance.”It’s not like many workers even have a choice. They may work overtime to show they are serious about their careers and worthy of being promoted. They may work long hours to keep up with their over-achieving coworkers. Many are required by their bosses to work long days, even on weekends and holidays.

This lack of control over their lives is one of the reasons people choose to become their own bosses through franchising. It’s not foolproof, and you may end up working even more hours to get your business up and running. But being responsible for your future and making your own choices can be worth some sacrifice. Even more important, your work benefits you directly – no waiting (often in vain) for that end of the year bonus or profit sharing.

If you do choose to become a business owner, here are some tips from author and life coach Tony Robbins. Click this link to read the entire blog:How to achieve work-life balance.

  • Be open and respectful of your needs and the boundaries of others. You can only make the most of your time if you know where and how to focus your energy.
  • Take stock of your lifestyle and personal habits. Most Americans, says Robbins, suffer from sleep deprivation, lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Making slow yet positive changes will allow you to thrive, both at work and at home.
  • Resist the time suck. Sounds like something you DO want to resist, right? Robbins says you should work on eliminating the daily items that waste your time (which may be social media or surfing the internet).
  • Hit your stride. Pace is the trick to this tip, says Robbins. Become attuned to the need to work hard when needed and then downshift to regroup.
  • Forget multi-tasking and engage.Contrary to the belief that we should be doing many things as once to be productive, Robbins recommends we choose to do only tasks that merit our full attention.

To find work-life balance, for both those in corporate jobs and those who own their own businesses, learn to let go. There are many things we do by habit that we can eliminate. We also need to plan our daily activities so that the important tasks get done first. The less important tasks can wait until another day or be eliminated. Finally, don’t try to do it all yourself. Chances are there is someone who can help you make the tasks more manageable.

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