Why NOVUS Windshield Repair Franchise



NOVUS is one of the only businesses in the auto glass industry with a full-time chemist constantly developing new and better resins for windshield repair. NOVUS invented windshield repair and has been the leader in advancing it for the last 45 years. NOVUS holds more windshield repair patents than the rest of the industry combined. That’s expertise.



With over 2,000 locations in 43 countries on 6 continents, a NOVUS franchisee instantly becomes a part of worldwide brand recognition. NOVUS has grown for over 45 years and continues to do so. NOVUS’ recent acquisition by Fix Auto, a body shop franchisor based in Quebec, Canada, has further expanded the reach of the NOVUS brand around the world.



The NOVUS training program for new franchisees is the most comprehensive and hands-on in the industry. You’ll spend a week at the NOVUS offices learning to repair windshields and how to run an Auto Glass business. You’ll then spend two weeks at one of our regional training centers learning to replace windshields—not by watching a DVD, but with good, old-fashioned hands-on training. Finally, your regional manager will spend a week with you at your location, helping you kick off your new NOVUS business, making sales calls with you, and making sure every system is set up and running as it should.



Owning your NOVUS business is all about the flexibility to decide how you spend your time. Instead of someone else telling you where to be and when to be there, you get to decide what will make your business and your family the most successful. You can start your business as a mobile franchise with yourself as an owner/operator or as a fixed location with multiple mobile vehicles and employees. NOVUS offers you the flexibility to balance your life and business successfully.

Why NOVUS Windshield Repair Franchise


And it’s not just technical innovation. NOVUS has revolutionized support in the auto glass industry by employing systems that maximize the success of their franchisees. The NOVUS staff of management, technical, marketing, and research specialists will support you in the beginning and as your business grows. This means you are never alone and help is always a call or a click away. NOVUS’ more than 45 years of experience in the auto glass industry and the experience of our franchise network provide our franchisees with best practices to help their business thrive.

  • A national call center
  • NOVUS Online University to help franchisees maintain their position as the experts in the industry
  • Individual websites for each franchisee, fully optimized for high web search results.
  • Customizable radio and TV commercial libraries.
NOVUS Windshield Repair Franchise


In the days of startups and the hot new thing, 45 years is stability. We’ve spent that time helping our franchisees become an established and reliable name in the auto glass industry. Windshields aren’t going away, rocks on the road aren’t going away, and NOVUS isn’t going away.

Why NOVUS Windshield Repair Franchise


NOVUS franchisees are members of a community–local business owners supporting their community and assisting the people of the community however they can. NOVUS and its franchisees are also a community. With franchisees who have been with us for over 35 years, there’s a lot of family atmosphere whenever we get together.

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