What Are the Keys to Successfully Launching an Auto Glass Replacement Business?

What Are the Keys to Successfully Launching an Auto Glass Replacement Business?

The auto glass repair and replacement business is a strong industry with many advantages. Auto glass businesses have a wide base of potential customers, a favorable economic forecast, and lots of flexibility in market entry. This is not to say that starting an auto glass business is an automatic guarantee of success. As with any other business, running an auto glass repair and replacement business takes hard work if you’re going to find success. Here are a few things that can maximize your hard work as you start your own auto glass business:

Utilize the flexibility in the auto glass industry

One major advantage of an auto glass business for its owner is flexibility—flexibility in time as well as financial investment. The auto glass replacement business does not have a rigid time structure. It’s not like a nine-to-five office job. You work when and where you’re needed and when and where you want. This could mean going out to meet a client at 7:30 AM whose windshield has broken on the way to work. But is also means you can move throughout your day at your own pace. If you need to take part of the day to tend to some other business, you can. Of course, the more auto glass you repair and replace, the more money you’ll make, but ultimately, it’s up to you.

Perhaps more crucial is the financial flexibility. If you have more money to invest, you can set up a physical auto glass replacement shop, hire multiple employees, and operate multiple mobile vehicles right at the launch of your business. This increases your capacity and market presence, making the sales potential higher. But you don’t have to do launch your business at that level. You can start with yourself as owner/operator and one mobile service vehicle and you can start building your presence in the market. From this base you can build toward the physical location, multiple employees, and multiple vehicles. This flexibility lets you start the auto glass business that’s right for you.

Invest in your tools

The tools and materials you use in repairing and replacing auto glass are crucial to your success. In the auto glass industry, quality and safety matter to customers as much as, and often more than, price. Using the highest quality tools, glass, resins, and urethanes will allow you to offer a guaranty to your customer that will make them feel safe and taken care of. Repeat business and word-of-mouth are crucial to the success of auto glass repair and replacement businesses, so make sure that you invest in the right tools and materials. The NOVUS Research & Development Department and Chemistry Department are always working to make sure that NOVUS franchisees have the best tools and materials in the auto glass industry.

Pick the right brand

While you can find success with your own, independent auto glass replacement business, you’re far likelier to succeed operating under a brand with a history of good service and success. Especially if that brand invests heavily in technology, training, marketing, work provision, and operations. NOVUS has already done 45 years of work to develop a business model that works in the auto glass industry. Taking advantage of that, instead of starting from scratch, is key to a fast launch of your auto glass business.


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