The Benefits of Converting Your Glass Business to a NOVUS Franchise

The Benefits of Converting Your Glass Business to a NOVUS Franchise

St. Paul, MN–Business ownership can be both a joy and a challenge. It can be hugely rewarding to own a successful business, knowing that your efforts are paying benefits. It can also be difficult to own an independent business because everything you do, you do yourself. Is there a way to turn this situation into one with more joy and less stress?

One way is a conversion. You can take your existing business and become a franchisee of a company in the same or a similar industry. If you can find the right business, and they are open to conversions, this may be a way to take your business to the next level.

NOVUS Glass, the industry leader in windshield repair since 1972, offers this opportunity to independent glass replacement businesses when the existing business location fits within the NOVUS network. According to Jan-Marie Hall, Franchise Development Director, a franchise conversion can increase the value you provide to your customers while offering you help, support and training. “With the NOVUS name recognition and the innovation we provide, a NOVUS franchisee’s revenue stream is likely to be much greater than that of an independent business.”

In addition to name recognition, one of the major benefits of being a NOVUS franchisee is the marketing program. According to their sales sheet, “NOVUS franchisees have access toa full media library, and marketing support along with additional training through monthly seminars and print materials.”They have an advertising and marketing program and a referral network to increase the franchisee’s customer base rapidly. “If marketing is not your strength,” adds Hall, “why not take advantage of our program, built on over 40 years of experience?”

There are a number of other ways a NOVUS franchisee will benefit by being part of a larger organization. Just a Sam’s Club and Costco offer better pricing through bulk purchases, NOVUS has negotiated for better pricing on glass. They can also help you offer your customers a larger selection.

Other benefits to a NOVUS franchisee include automatic listing on the Glass Insurance Networks, rebates, ongoing support to build your business, a NOVUS website, glass replacement training for you and your technicians, and additional products and services that can increase your revenue (such as wiper blades, NOVUS Plastic Polish, Glass Cleaner, and head lamp surface restoration).

For some independent business owners, it may be a bit of a struggle to let go of complete autonomy and to begin following a franchisor’s directions. Hall recommends you do your due diligence and research your options as carefully as you would if you were doing a franchise purchase. “There are numerous benefits to a NOVUS franchisee but it has to be the right situation for you. Please contact us if you would like more information on a conversion opportunity.”

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