Spring Forward in A New Career with Novus Glass

Spring Forward in A New Career with Novus Glass

Your computer has a refresh button and your microwave came equipped with a reset button. Wouldn’t it be nice if your career could be renewed, reset and refreshed just as easily?

At NOVUS Glass, we believe in turning your previous experience and innate strengths into a new and exciting career – business ownership! The good news is that we don’t just hand you a plan and send you off to read the fine print. We partner with you and help you every step of the way, from purchase, to opening, to many years beyond. Whenever you need advice, expertise, or a guiding hand, NOVUS will be there. The bad news? Quite honestly, there isn’t any.

If you have thought of business ownership, you know that it takes an investment of both time and money. You are most likely aware that you need a product, a way of providing the product, and reason for people to need or want your product. That’s a start but there are thousands of other items you will need to consider.

Another way to enjoy the benefits of business ownership is to become part of a franchise company. You can skip a lot of the beginning steps and go right to opening and running your business. At NOVUS Glass, we guide and support you, based on our 45 years of franchise experience. With over 1,300 service locations world-wide, your NOVUS Glass business will be a recognized and valued part of your community.

Consider these additional benefits to owning a NOVUS Glass franchise:

  • This business has a low cost of entry. You can start your business for a little over $30K.
  • There are a number of ways to become a NOVUS franchisee, besides building your own location. You can convert an existing glass replacement business to NOVUS. You can buy an existing NOVUS franchise. You can also start a business from your home, using a mobile unit.
  • Open soon! NOVUS Glass will help you get started quickly.
  • Superior training. The NOVUS Glass training program for new franchisees is the most comprehensive in the industry. You will leave our training knowing how to replace and repair windshields and how to run your business.
  • NOVUS Glass windshield replacement and repair businesses are needed by your neighbors. That need, coupled with advanced advertising and marketing programs, means that you will quickly fill your glass replacement openings.
  • Innovation.NOVUS Glass has 27 patents for glass repair products. Franchisees can also offer windshield wiper replacement, headlight restoration, mirror replacement, window tinting, and other products and services.
  • NOVUS has programs for Veterans! To thank those who have provided service to our country, the NOVUS VetOps Program helps veterans get started as business owners by providing a minimal-investment opportunity and an attractive financing program designed just for veterans. Active members of the U.S. military or veterans who have been honorably discharged are eligible.

If the time is right to explore the exciting world of franchise business ownership, start by visiting our site at https://novusfranchising.com/, or call 1-800-944-6811 and request more information.