NOVUS Glass in the Community

NOVUS Glass in the Community

Amid the joy of twinkling lights, familiar songs, and piles of glittering gifts of the season, many people also experience an underlying feeling of guilt, followed by the desire to give generously to others. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are popular times of the year for people to be charitable because these two holidays pull at our emotions. As we plan for our own Christmas celebrations, we are reminded that there are others who are much less fortunate than we are. And if we do forget, Mr. Dicken’s famous story about Bob Cratchit and his suffering child, Tiny Tim, reminds us that even a little bit helps those in need.

In Minnesota, where NOVUS Glass has its headquarters, there is a scramble to find housing for those without a place to stay.Homelessness can refer to those living on the streets or on shelters but can also encompass those living from paycheck to paycheck, couch-surfing, or sleeping in vehicles. In Minneapolis this year a large tent camp cropped up after a homeless family pitched a tent near the Little Earth housing complex. The location felt safe, with its street lights and high visibility, and soon others joined the camp. But as the camp grew, so did the problems: gangs, violence, lack of sanitation, etc.

While the government works to provide affordable housing for those who are homeless, aMinneapolis Homeless Ministry has come up with an easy way for families, groups and neighbors to provide food to those in need.  According to their website, “The Sandwich Project was established with the goal to help feed 150 homeless people in Minneapolis as many times a year as possible, with the ultimate goal of doing it everyday of the year. “Today, we are helping to feed about 4,500 people per week through various shelters and food shelves!”

On September 12th of this year, a number of women involved in franchising gathered in Eden Prairie, MN to make over 1,000 sandwiches for The Sandwich Project. In addition to NOVUS, Regis,Great Clips, Dairy Queen, and Taco John’s franchises were represented. It is a simple formula. Materials for the sandwiches are paid for by the participants, and the sandwiches are made and individually packed. Then the sandwiches are frozen until needed.

As The Sandwich Project Minnesota website says, “An act of kindness need not be a huge one to make a difference. We have a way you can help with just a small amount of time and a small amount of money that will make a big difference. A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step, and we can get you started.” They suggest that with just $100 and 30 minutes, six people can feed 150.

If you are looking for a meaningful charity during this holiday season, or at any time of the year, NOVUS invites you to check out The Sandwich Project Minnesota, or to find a similar organization in your area. Happy holidays from everyone at NOVUS!