How to Start a Strong Franchise Business with the Skills You Have

How to Start a Strong Franchise Business with the Skills You Have

Curious about starting a franchise? Do you have an entrepreneurial drive, but want a little more stability than an independent startup can offer? Wondering if you can transfer your career skills into a franchise opportunity? You likely already have the skills you need!

Franchising affords you the freedom of an independent startup while minimizing risk through an established and proven business model. You get the benefits of brand recognition, work provision, training, and technology while still setting your schedule and making hiring decisions that make the most sense for you. But no one is born a franchisee. Everyone picks up the skills they need along the way—and you are no exception!

You Do Your Research

Simply by seeking out information from a franchisor like NOVUS, you don’t make decisions on a whim. You need to know that you’re putting your time and effort into a worthwhile endeavor. While starting any business includes risk, much of that can be mitigated by good old-fashioned detective work.

What is the saturation in your local market? Do prospective franchisors share your values? What is the track record of the Franchisor? These are important questions to keep in mind when researching potential partners. Franchising offers a strong network of support, but you are ultimately going to be the one to put in the work. For this reason, there is simply no substitute for strong research on your part.

Think about your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. Consider whether a potential franchisor offers training to help shore up your deficiencies and capitalize on what sets you apart as a franchisee. In a competitive market, can you tough it out and put in the work to rise above the competition? Strong franchisors know that new franchisees need varying levels of support. Reach out to inquire about the training you can expect when you sign a franchise agreement and start your franchise.

You Are A Visionary

You’re not satisfied with your existing opportunities. If you were, you wouldn’t be considering franchise ownership. You feel the drive to carve out a niche for yourself in the market and you see the opportunity you can bring to your community. This means you can make things better.

You’ve seen what managers with questionable values do for their employees and you know can do better. You know what to do and what not to do. One of the biggest values of franchising is that you begin your work with a baseline of proven business strategies. Your great ideas can only add value, not take it away.

You also have more authority to hone your leadership style with freedom rarely afforded in a work-for-hire context. You have the ability to incorporate the things you’ve learned into a strong franchise that rewards strong performance and risk taking. While the framework of the business model is provided by a franchisor like NOVUS, the business will be completely yours. It will have your values. It will feel like you and your leadership. It will thrive because of your vision supported by NOVUS.

You Are Passionate

You care enough to seek out an opportunity to become a community leader. You’ve grown disenchanted with the opportunities in your market to work for someone else and can only imagine satisfaction in creating something new. You are passionate!

Now it’s a matter of channeling that passion into a business opportunity. Think about what you care most about and take a critical look at your community. What needs aren’t being met? What do you talk to friends about at dinner parties or backyard barbecues? There may be an overlap there you haven’t considered. This is fertile soil for a business opportunity.

It’s important to remember that passion is not just for a specific industry, but can be for a type of work or a way of doing business. Most NOVUS franchisees do not start their business because of a life-long passion for windshields. Instead, they have a passion for providing excellent service to their community, helping customers who have just experienced a frustrating situation (damage to their vehicle), or running a successful business that cares about its employees.

NOVUS cares about why you’re choosing to start a business, your vision, your passion, and how those things can result in you choosing to start an auto glass business. Let NOVUS help you answer the necessary questions to feel comfortable with your research.

If you would like to know more about launching a franchise in the windshield replacement industry with NOVUS Glass, please contact us today. You can reach us at our website or by phone at 800-944-6811.