Going Mobile Or Setting Up Shop: Starting An Auto Glass Business

Going Mobile Or Setting Up Shop: Starting An Auto Glass Business

Regardless of what franchise you’re exploring, there’s one thing on nearly every business owner’s mind: location, location, location. Franchises are known for being in highly-visible areas, often near large freeways or next to other franchises. But with today’s world trending toward mobile access and apps, some franchises are reducing their brick and mortar presence to focus on mobile services and products. But how do you choose which strategy is best for you and your franchise?

Know Your Customers (And How To Attract Them)

Most auto glass franchisees sell to several different customer bases, including:

  • Consumers: Touching base through online marketing strategies or traditional means, such as paper mailers and commercials
  • Insurance agents: Coordinating with agencies to foster B2B sales while addressing insurance claims
  • Fleets: Servicing businesses with fleets that may require frequent glass repair

Because the nature of auto glass work requires flexibility, it’s important that your auto glass business is located somewhere that is easily accessible for your customers. When you have a physical location, customers bring their vehicles to your building in addition to offering mobile service. With a mobile-only business, you always meet them on their ground to assist.

Learn What Goes Into Running A Mobile Franchise

Mobile auto glass franchises allow for franchise owners to opt out of renting or owning a space, decreasing their up-front investment in the business. Typically, these auto glass franchise owners need only to have a way to transport their product and services to their customers. This means you can avoid some of the high overhead costs that come with setting up a traditional business, which can help you secure a strong return. By not setting up a physical shop, you can also save the time you would have spent finding a suitable space, furnishing your building, and training a large team.

Consider How You Want To Expand Your Business

You want your franchise to grow. With a mobile business, this looks as easy as adding additional team members and vans. Brick and mortar shops may choose a similar strategy to grow their franchise, but they will have to consider how much additional vans will cost on top of their existing start-up costs. As a result, physical shops may be slower to expand, and may start off by focusing on their in-house operations.

While shops face specific challenges, working out of a physical location helps establish immediate trust with customers. Brick and mortar franchises are also able to attract business simply by being in one easily-accessed location, and may find it easier to gain new customers.

Find The Best Strategy For Your Franchise

Not sure whether to pursue a mobile franchise or establish a fixed location? NOVUS can help you explore the options. For more than 47 years, NOVUS has remained the industry’s research & development leader in auto glass service. NOVUS has been awarded more U.S. Patents for windshield repair than any other company in the windshield repair industry. For more information on starting a NOVUS business please call 1-800-944-6811 or go to www.novusfranchising.com.