Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

Is there a communication gap between what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for and what our military veterans have to offer? According to a recent article by, titled What Top Companies Do to Attract and Hire Veterans, the answer is yes, and this miscommunication can lead to companies missing out on an incredible talent pool. With the number of active job seekers diminishing (the unemployment rate was at 3.7 percent as recently asSeptember 2018), recruiters are working harder than ever to find talent for key positions. Yet the talent they seek may be right in front of them in the form of returning veterans. and polled 300 veterans and found that 55% of veterans felt that HR professionals didn’t understand their experience and 63% were disappointed in the help they received in finding a job. According to the article, many veterans do not bother to apply for a position requiring a degree, even if their training and experience encompass what would have been covered in the degree. It suggests, “A simple conversation can prevent missed opportunities to discuss how their military experience can be an asset.” Some of the skills military training provides can easily crossover to a wide range of positions. They may not have the specific credentials, degree or certification mentioned for a position, but veterans are equipped with a variety of skills, such asproject management, leadership, teamwork, and working under pressure. Another benefit of military training is that all military personnel learn the value of following a process, and this skill, in particular, makes our returning veterans attractive to franchise companies.

The question is, do veterans want to be business owners?According to a survey by the International Franchise Association, 1 in 7 franchises in the US are owned by veterans (view the CNBC article here). Veterans who want to make the most of their leadership skills, technology expertise, and self-motivation are drawn to opportunities allowing for success, one where they have control. Therefore, it becomes a matter of closing the communication gap between franchise corporate offices and veterans. One of the top methods for recruiting veterans mentioned in the article was to offer special veteran onboarding programs.

NOVUS Glasssees their franchise opportunity as great fit for veterans and offers a programtailored to helping veterans join the NOVUS brand. The NOVUS VetOps Program helps veterans get started as business owners by providing a minimal-investment opportunity and an attractive financing program. Active members of the U.S. military or veterans who have been honorably discharged can receive these special incentives, including $1,000 off the Initial franchise fee, and available financing for up to $12,000 of other initial fees.

In addition, NOVUS offers:

  • Comprehensive hands-on training
  • A partner with over 45 years of experience
  • The freedom to spend more time with your family
  • A strong support system from a team of experts in the auto glass industry
  • Opportunities for growth and expansion

For veterans or anyone interested in business ownership, NOVUS offers a great track record. They currently have about 2,030 locations in 25 countries, 240 just in the US. For more information, visit us at or call 800-944-6811.