Five Great Benefits of Franchise Ownership

Five Great Benefits of Franchise Ownership

Are you looking for a real challenge? Then how about starting your own business? Sounds exciting, right? First you need to come up with a concept, create your brand, find a location, build your space, purchase the fixtures, find a supplier for your products, create a business plan, hire a marketing firm to advertise, plan and execute a grand opening, and hope that all of your decisions are the right ones.

Or, you can play the craps table in Las Vegas. Either way, your chances of success aren’t great. New businesses have a high rate of failure, as much as 96% in 10 years per some studies.

On the other hand, if you have the urge to be your own boss but want to do it without the time-consuming legwork, you could consider buying a franchise. If you truly want to own a business, you owe it to yourself to familiarize yourself with the many benefits to buying a franchise. Here are some of the top reasons that 700,000 franchise owners in the U.S. decided to become franchisee:

  • Name recognition is important. Whether they found the business through advertising or because they have been to a franchised unit in another area, customers have a comfort level of going to a business owned by a corporation. They know what to expect and they understand that there is a whole company standing behind the service or product.
  • Franchise ownership will give you the experience of small business ownership while providing you with support every step of the way. They will provide processes, procedures, training, help with site selection, and access to national advertising. Whether it is your first month in business or your fifth year, the franchisor is there for you with creative solutions to your problems and inventive ways to increase your business.
  • Most start-up businesses require a financial investment be21yond someone’s savings. You may find it easier to secure financing for a franchise than a business you are creating because banks like seeing a successful track record. 
  • Franchise companies will often have formerly-owned units for sale, which can reduce your initial expenses and provide you with an established customer base. Being able to sell your franchise when you wish to retire is also a benefit.
  • A franchise company can offer the buying power of the entire system so everything you need can be purchased at lower prices as negotiated by the franchisor.

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