Buying An Auto Glass Franchise? Do Your Homework First

Buying An Auto Glass Franchise? Do Your Homework First

Maybe your family has always worked in the auto glass business. Or maybe you recently met someone who owns a franchise and think it might be for you. Regardless of how you came to be interested in taking stake in the industry, there are several considerations to work through before starting a franchise of your own.

Franchises serve as a good business opportunity for many entrepreneurs. From name recognition and proven market adoption, the benefits they offer from the first day can take years for other businesses to achieve. But even with their advantages, franchising doesn’t guarantee instant success. And knowing what research needs to be done before you get the gears in motion can help you avoid common pitfalls.

1. Make Sure You’re Passionate About Being A Business Owner

It seems like common sense, but you will only be successful as a business owner if you’re passionate. Just like someone who opens a coffee shop franchise is expected to love coffee, consumers might expect you to exude the same interest and knowledge for the auto trade. Maybe you’ve been working in the auto world for some time and want to start your own business. Or maybe you are passionate about customer service and helping the community. Owning an auto glass franchise provides opportunities to explore a wide array of interests, many of which are not limited to the auto industry.

Despite your reason for looking at auto glass for your next business step, it’s important to remember that owning a franchise is different than just working in or managing a shop. Take time to make sure the responsibilities of a franchise owner fit where you see yourself in the years to come.

2. Talk To Other Business Owners

Start connecting with other franchise owners in the area. Don’t limit these conversations to others in the auto glass trade—get in touch with other franchises, regardless of the business. Many chains use similar strategies to launch a new location. So make sure to ask owners about their experiences when they first stepped into the franchise, and what took them by surprise. There’s nothing better than learning from someone else’s successes and trials to help better equip you for the day you open your own doors.

You can also benefit from talking to the family-owned auto glass shop in your neighborhood, and the mechanic down the street. These business owners can provide glimpses into what it’s like to own an auto business, including who makes up their consumer base and when they have busy seasons. Speaking with these individuals also helps you build relationships before you set up shop.

3. For Brick And Mortar Business, Research Franchise Location

Many franchisors will help you identify locations for your business, but your knowledge of the area and traffic patterns is critical in finding you the best spot for your shop. Consider where other auto glass shops are located, and the type of community where you want to settle. A shop along the highway might be more easily noticed, but is it easy to access?  The available space two miles from your house might be in a great location, but will the vacant spots nearby be attractive to other auto shops? Maybe you have your own shop already, but your location might not be the best fit for franchise. Even when your franchisor is willing to help, getting the best location relies a great deal on your willingness to do some research.

With the world trending to digital sales, some franchise owners are skipping the brick and mortar shop and beginning mobile-only businesses. If a physical location feels like too much to take on, exploring this option could help you start your own franchise without the added pressure of a shop.

4. Know What You Want For The Rest Of Your Career

Some people choose to start franchises so that they can be their own boss. Others want to begin their own family operation. Whatever the reason, your decision to start a franchise should come with an end goal. Before you even sign the bottom line, you should know how long you wish to be in the franchise game (and when you wish to retire). By buying into a franchise, you are investing in an asset, meaning someday you will want to pass it onto another qualified owner. When that time comes, it’s important to have a succession plan in place.  While it might seem early in the process, the best time to plan your exit from a company is before you even begin.

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Just like all successful businesses, starting a franchise requires patience and the willingness to put in a great deal of time talking to others in the trade. For over 47 years, NOVUS has remained the industry’s research & development leader in auto glass service. NOVUS has been awarded more U.S. Patents for windshield repair than any other company in the windshield repair industry. For more information on starting a NOVUS business please call 1-800-944-6811 or go to