A Franchise Business for the Future

A Franchise Business for the Future

St. Paul, MN – There are so many franchise businesses available that a potential franchise owner may be overwhelmed trying to decide on just the right one. You may be drawn to the latest, greatest flavor of the day … but how long before it becomes old news? If you aren’t willing to take on that kind of risk, look to businesses that provide a valuable product or service, for both the present and the future.

So, what do Americans love, want, need, protect and care for? Automobiles! The auto aftermarket industry is booming thanks to owners who want to fix dents and dings, re-paint, replace the tires, do routine maintenance, and change everything from the upholstery to the pine-scented air freshener.

Here are Some Fun Statistics about US Automobile Ownership, Provided by Statista.com:

  • In 2016, there were around 222 million drivers with valid licenses in the US
  • That same year, there were 286.8 million cars registered
  • Cars and trucks sold in 2016? 17.6 million!

It’s always a bad day when our autos suffer harm and a number of things can contribute to automobile damage. Beside acts of nature (hail, hurricanes, floods and high winds), poor roads and bad driving habits can wreak havoc. Potholes and uneven road surfaces are some of the most obvious road problems, according to propertycasualty360o.com, and the worse our roads get, the greater the potential for accidents, including “flat tires, broken axles and cracked windshields.” Some of the worst roads, they say, are in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and California.

But, bad drivers are also a curse on our automobiles. Some of the worst drivers apparently live in the states Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, and South and North Carolina, as they have the highest rate of accidents. While alcohol and speeding are contributors to road accidents, texting and tailgating are responsible for a share.

One of the items frequently needing repair or replacement is auto windshields. Since a damaged windshield is a safety issue, it should be repaired as soon as possible. This is a two-part issue: damaged glass prevents the driver from seeing clearly. Also, once the integrity of the glass is disrupted, it can’t adequately protest the passengers.

NOVUS Glass has been repairing windshields for over 45 years, providing high-quality, fully guaranteed windshield and auto glass replacement and other diversified services. For someone interested in business ownership, this opportunity offers a great track record. They currently have about 2,030 locations in 25 countries, 240 just in the US.

When looking for a tried-and-true, growth-oriented business, for both now and for the future, consider NOVUS Glass. They promise to give franchises a strong foundation as well as provide the support needed to grow each year. NOVUS has a reasonable entry fee, lower overhead, and you can run it without other employees, if you wish.

For more information, visit us at https://novusfranchising.com or call 800-944-6811.