Why NOVUS Glass?

Franchise Benefits

The NOVUS staff of management, technical, marketing and research specialists will support you in the beginning and as your business grows. This means you are never alone and help is always a call or a click away.  NOVUS’ more than 39 years of experience in the auto glass industry and the experience of our franchise network provide our franchisees with best practices to help their business thrive.

A proven business model backed by a nationally recognized brand which gives our franchisees instant credibility.

  • National accounts and referrals
  • Real-time web driven business
  • NOVUS provides its franchisees with superior ongoing training programs and support needed to guide their business from the initial training and throughout their career as franchise owners
  • The industry’s highest quality windshield repair products and resins
  • Our full-time research and development department dedicated to ensuring NOVUS franchisees have the most technologically advanced equipment and resins in the field by continually using our system
  • Access to the business best practices from ongoing operational support from the management at NOVUS and franchisee mentoring programs
  • Marketing programs designed to increased sales and to educated consumers on windshield repair
  • Program for Automotive Dealers to bring their auto glass programs in-house 

Have you ever wondered why millions of Americans buy franchises? A NOVUS franchisee explains it best. “I’m in business to make money; I have no time or interest in re-inventing the essential support services NOVUS provides. Besides, NOVUS systems are proven effective. Anything I develop must be re-proven through ‘trial and error.”

At NOVUS, you are in business for yourself but you are not alone. Consider the time, energy and expense independent glass shops must invest to achieve operational parity with a NOVUS franchisee from his very first day in business.


  • A proven business model
  • Business Operations Reference Manual
  • Franchisee-to-franchisee consultation and support
  • The industry’s highest quality products and resins
  • National warranty program
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • NOVUS Research & Development innovation
  • Preferred provider program

Instant Credibility

  • Worldwide brand recognition
  • 25 Million+ satisfied customers

Marketing / Advertising

  • “Best in Class” Local Area Marketing Program
  • Radio / TV Commercial Library
  • NOVUS public relations service
  • Brand Awareness national accounts program
  • Sales force
  • National 800 Job Referral (800GEO)


  • Industry’s best factory technical training
  • “Opening” and ongoing operational support
  • Business management training and support
  • Franchisee Mentoring Program
  • Ongoing webinar training system
  • Online support
  • Super Session (even numbered years)
  • Regional Training (odd numbered years)


  • E-Mail Market Development Alert System
  • Intranet Communications Network (ComNet)
  • Crack Reporter newsletter