Investment and Financing

Financial requirements

We understand this section can be confusing.  Please discuss this section with one of our NOVUS Franchising Advisors.  If you qualify for a finance program, you might only need to put a few thousand dollars down.

Net Worth

  • $100,000 – Fixed Location Franchise
  • $ 50,000 – Mobile Franchise


  • 25% of total initial investment ($14,318 – $57,374) Fixed Location Franchise
  • 25% of total initial investment ($11,693 – $34,324) Mobile Franchise
  • Must be cash or cash equivalent available for injection into the business
  • Down payment: $15,000 if financing

Total Initial Investment:


  • $57,270 – $229,495 (Fixed Location Franchise)
  • $46,770 – $137,295 (Mobile Franchise)
  • Includes initial franchise fee and or license fee, education, tools & equipment, vehicle(s), beginning inventory, computer software/hardware, telephone expenses, attorney and accounting fees, insurance premiums, ID package, and 3 months working capital.
  • Note: If you are considering a fixed retail location the land costs and site improvements are not included in the above mentioned initial investment range.

Continuing Fees

  • 8% royalty on Windshield Repair, Auto Glass Replacement and all other services/products sold, or the minimum monthly royalties, whichever are greater.  All royalties are based on gross revenue.

Initial Franchise Fee

  • $14,995 Fixed Location or Mobile Franchise


NOVUS provides different options for those who are in need of financing to start their NOVUS Glass Franchise.  For qualified applicants, NOVUS offers the NOVUS Financing Program which is available to all franchise candidates that meet NOVUS’ credit standards.  Please contact a NOVUS Franchising Advisor for details.

NOVUS also teams up with various other third-party lenders that can provide financing to qualified applicants.  Please contact a NOVUS Franchise Advisor for a list of finance companies who can help make your NOVUS franchise a reality.