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Go into business “for yourself”, but not “by yourself”. With a franchise opportunity you receive access to a business model that has been perfected by the work and experience of a company and a franchise network that have invested thousands of hours and hard-earned money in creating a successful business. There is less risk associated with purchasing a franchise than starting a new business on your own as common problems and difficulties faced by new business owners have already been solved!

The NOVUS franchise opportunity offers an established, successful business; a name with recognized market value; a reputation for product and service excellence; and equally important, the continuing advice, expertise, services, supplies and equipment of NOVUS.

NOVUS is truly a global company with presence in 43 countries, and 1800 locations worldwide. More than 25 million NOVUS repairs have been performed worldwide which has allowed NOVUS to become so widely recognized and respected as the inventor and premier provider of the windscreen repair process that its name is virtually synonymous with windscreen repair.

Benefits of Franchising

The NOVUS staff of management, technical, marketing, and research specialists will support you in the beginning and as your business grows.  NOVUS’ experience of more than 38 years in the auto glass industry and the experience of our franchise network provide our franchisees with best practices to help their business thrive.

Franchisees Receive:

  • A proven business model backed by a globally recognized brand which gives our franchisees instant credibility.
  • NOVUS provides its franchisees with superior ongoing training programs and support needed to guide their businesses from the initial training and throughout their career as franchise owners.
  • The industry’s highest quality windscreen repair products and resins.
  • Our full-time research and development department dedicated to ensuring NOVUS franchisees have the most technologically advanced equipment and resins in the field by continually upgrading our system.
  • Access to the business’ best practices from ongoing operational support from the management at NOVUS and franchisee mentoring programs.
  • Marketing programs designed to increased sales and to educate consumers on windshield repair.

Please call us at  +1-952-946-0433 to speak to an NOVUS International Representative who can answer any questions you may have.  You can also e-mail us at and we will get in touch with you immediately.


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